Hi There! I'm Jerry Parker

I reside In Austin Texas, where I work and play. Currently, I'm Director of Operations for MusicMaster, a software firm providing services to broadcasters around the world. When asked who my customers are, I often say "if you've heard of them, they are probably my customer"

in addition to that role, I own a couple of small businesses, TBSIPro (a technical services company) and Rain-Sense, (a rainwater harvesting service company)

Management and Leadership
Broadcast, I.T., Network Engineering

recent projects


Rainwater Harvesting is growing rapidly. I invented a collection of sensors to measure water storage volumes in real time. Why? because Water. It's the new oil.

Web Development

I built and launched a complex system, of Music Scheduling, automation, hosting and stream servers for my teams to showcase their programming skills.

Computer Museum

I gathered a collection of computers from the late 70's to mid 80's and repaired, reconditioned and rejuvenated them. All work flawlessly, and all have remarkable stories to tell.

Parker Family Enterprises

I have a penchant for Business. RainSense, TBSIPro, PakmailAustin, 2Day-designs, and Creative Data Planning are all companies I have started over the years.


Maker. Designer. Creator. From robotics to software, interior designs to artwork. If I can take something, add clever electronics and a micro-controller, I'm all in!


I like to write. Short stories, anecdotes, humor, and twists are some of my favorite things. From my Facebook #LoveAfter60 to Herman the Sturgeon, I think you'll be entertained by them.

recent stories


My Favorite Place

A very quiet and special greeting of the day in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge in the spring of 1978. It's a very special memory for me and a reminder that you can never go back.


Two Young Troublemakers

Girls are flowers, peppermint, and giggles that twirl.

Boys are a hungry noise with dirt on it. Especially these two.


Arrrr, Matey...

The old job has me down.
So, I've decided on a career change to get my juices flowing again and add a little excitement back into my life. In light of this, I've got to take a little "me time" and get started.


Hogs, Fences, Tractors and Me

Y’all know I’ve had a hog problem around here lately. Those mean, nasty buggars have been tearing up my place pretty bad. I found a solution... Sorta.


A Tale of Two States

The story you are about to read is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent. It's a tale of Government. Well, sort of.


Spiritual Bells

In a monastary far, far away, monks make tiny bells to send messages to the gods. I saw one once.
This is the story of that bell.

Jerry Parker

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